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NOGs and their actual Marketing


If anyone doesn´t know what NGO stads for, it means “Non Governmental Organisation”. They are business which goal is not to lucrate but to get some revenue for a specific purpose, having tax exemption thanks to their social recognition or they have political or religion interests…

Who does reject to help these organisations that defend the ones that cannot defend themselves? Who denies to collaborate to create a better world? I bet no one thinks that way, does it? Well, this is the thought is the main weapon to get new partners: the sense of guilt.

And that´s how many of us get into our social nets and we see that there is a campaign that an NGO launches. We are interested to sign and do not hesitate in doing so. Before that, they ask you for your personal details, e-mail and mobile number. You sign it, hoping that you have done a good thing and if it is possible, try to donate some money.

Well, that´s not the case. A few days later you receive some incessant phone calls from numbers that you don´t have in your directory. Surprise: it´s an NGO. When they call they are ready to shoot everything you want to say without you can´t open your mouth. They don´t bother you to ask you if they called in a good or bad moment: they are not interested in that. When they are finished, you probably couldn´t resist and you are donating a mere €5,00 a month.

Helping the NGOs is the most rewarding thing you could do. The answer is: How many of them can you support economically? Personally I had to draw a limit: if I´d help all the NGOs that have contact me, all my salary would go to help them. Of course I´d like to help as many as I can but I cannot. The harassment politics that many suffer makes you wonder if it is worth to support some causes with your signature: How many phone calls will I receive if I sign this campaign? How many e-mails will I receive? How long are they going to last until they call me? How many times they will call me after I say that I can´t donate money? That´s another story: the previous phone call don´t get stored and they call you constantly until you get a litte bit edgy and decide to record all the information you are giving… Or you´re tempted to give the wrong e-mail and phone number to prevent the harassment… Or you decide that you aren´t going to sign another campaign, fearing the harassment that you will have in the future. That´s the word: harassment.

This campaign to get new partners or people that donate money is not effective in my eyes. Every one of us decides on their own which NGO to support and for how long. It´s a personal decision that shouldn´t be forced by e-mails or phone calls. The support that is given by us to the NGO has to come from the heart and not the thought “I support this NGO to stop hearing that person that convinced me, because he/she didn´t accept a no for an answer”. The support can become resentment for the organisation… And I don´t think that´s their goal.


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