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NOGs and their actual Marketing


If anyone doesn´t know what NGO stads for, it means “Non Governmental Organisation”. They are business which goal is not to lucrate but to get some revenue for a specific purpose, having tax exemption thanks to their social recognition or they have political or religion interests…

Who does reject to help these organisations that defend the ones that cannot defend themselves? Who denies to collaborate to create a better world? I bet no one thinks that way, does it? Well, this is the thought is the main weapon to get new partners: the sense of guilt.

And that´s how many of us get into our social nets and we see that there is a campaign that an NGO launches. We are interested to sign and do not hesitate in doing so. Before that, they ask you for your personal details, e-mail and mobile number. You sign it, hoping that you have done a good thing and if it is possible, try to donate some money.

Well, that´s not the case. A few days later you receive some incessant phone calls from numbers that you don´t have in your directory. Surprise: it´s an NGO. When they call they are ready to shoot everything you want to say without you can´t open your mouth. They don´t bother you to ask you if they called in a good or bad moment: they are not interested in that. When they are finished, you probably couldn´t resist and you are donating a mere €5,00 a month.

Helping the NGOs is the most rewarding thing you could do. The answer is: How many of them can you support economically? Personally I had to draw a limit: if I´d help all the NGOs that have contact me, all my salary would go to help them. Of course I´d like to help as many as I can but I cannot. The harassment politics that many suffer makes you wonder if it is worth to support some causes with your signature: How many phone calls will I receive if I sign this campaign? How many e-mails will I receive? How long are they going to last until they call me? How many times they will call me after I say that I can´t donate money? That´s another story: the previous phone call don´t get stored and they call you constantly until you get a litte bit edgy and decide to record all the information you are giving… Or you´re tempted to give the wrong e-mail and phone number to prevent the harassment… Or you decide that you aren´t going to sign another campaign, fearing the harassment that you will have in the future. That´s the word: harassment.

This campaign to get new partners or people that donate money is not effective in my eyes. Every one of us decides on their own which NGO to support and for how long. It´s a personal decision that shouldn´t be forced by e-mails or phone calls. The support that is given by us to the NGO has to come from the heart and not the thought “I support this NGO to stop hearing that person that convinced me, because he/she didn´t accept a no for an answer”. The support can become resentment for the organisation… And I don´t think that´s their goal.


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Las ONG y su Marketing actual

ong 2

Por si alguien todavía no conoce las siglas, ONG significa “Organización No Gubernamental”. Son empresas cuyo fin no es lucrarse de por sí, sino conseguir recaudación para un fin concreto, tener una exención de impuestos dado su reconocimiento social o también tienen intereses políticos, religiosos…

¿Quién rechaza ayudar a estas organizaciones que defienden a los indefensos? ¿Quién se niega a colaborar para crear un mundo mejor? A que nadie piensa así ¿Verdad? Pues este pensamiento es el arma principal para conseguir nuevos socios: el sentimiento de culpa.

Y así muchos entramos en nuestras redes sociales y vemos que hay una campaña que lanza una ONG que te interesa firmar, no dudas en hacerlo. Eso sí, antes de esto, te piden todos los datos personales y de contacto: correo electrónico y teléfono. Uno lo firma, esperando que todo quede ahí y, si te es posible, intentar colaborar con algo más que un apoyo de campañas.

Pues no, al par de días recibes llamadas incesantes de números de teléfono que no tienes en el directorio. Sorpresa: se trata de ONGs. Cuando llaman, ya están preparados para disparar todo lo que quieren decir sin que tú tengas tiempo de reaccionar. Y no preguntan si han llamado en un buen o mal momento: no les interesa. Cuando han terminado, es probable que te sea imposible resistirte y ya te han enganchado por unos meros €5,00 al mes.

Ayudar a las ONGs está muy bien. La pregunta es: ¿Hasta cuántas ONGs puedes ayudar? En mi caso he tenido que poner límite: si ayudara a todas las ONGs que se han puesto en contacto conmigo, estoy segura que se me iría el ínfimo sueldo que estoy ganando. Claro que quisiera ayudar a cuantas más ONGs que pueda, pero NO puedo. La política de acoso que muchos sufrimos te hace preguntarte si vale la pena apoyar ciertas causas con tu firma: ¿Cuántas llamadas recibiré si firmo esta campaña? ¿Cuántos correos saturarán mi cuenta? ¿Cuánto tardarán en llamarme? ¿Cuántas veces me llamarán después de haber dicho que no podía apoyarles económicamente? Porque esa es otra: los datos de la llamada parece que no se guardan y te llaman continuamente hasta que te pones lo suficientemente borde y te graban la información que le estás dando… O te tienta a dar un número de teléfono y un correo falso para no ser acosado. O decides que no vas a firmar una campaña más, por miedo al acoso que esta pueda acarrear en el futuro. Esa es la palabra: acoso.

Esta campaña de captación de nuevos socios, personas que aporten dinero no la veo efectiva. Cada uno de nosotros decide por su cuenta qué ONG apoyar económicamente y por cuánto tiempo. Es una decisión personal que no tiene que ser forzada por llamadas de teléfono o correos electrónicos. El apoyo que uno dé a las ONG que soporta económicamente debe salir del corazón y no del pensamiento “apoyo esta ONG para dejar de oír a la persona que me convenció, porque no aceptaba un no por respuesta”. Puede dar lugar a resentimiento por esa organización. Y eso no creo que sea su meta.



Let´s talk about confrontations

We live in a world that is constantly convulsing. The clashes occur one after the other and we don´t have time to digest the previous scare. People are manipulated so we confront each other: it isn´t the interest of a few to be together, even when the similarities are bigger than the differences.

What am I talking about? I don´t have to go far:

(Legal arrivals: green; Ilegal arrivals: red)

– Madrid, a woman rebukes a child because she sat in the metro seats. Her crime? Being of Latin American origin. This woman´s rage was fed by the fear of the foreign “invasion” and the panic of other cultures can “contaminate” the “purity” of the Spanish culture. These people forget that the actual Spanish idiosyncracy resides in the richness that the Arab culture, for example. Many words come from the arabs and are accepted by the RAE (the Royal Academy of Spanish Language) because of their huge influence. I prefer to keep in mind the whole wagon reacting against this woman and defending the child and her family.

– All those persons that make videos for their social nets trying to make us fear that so many persons are coming in a small boat or crossing the border, because they are going to take the jobs from us and they will live out of the government welfare. First assertion: if these personas are scared of a person that has arrived recently from another country, that doesn´t know the language and is not qualified, what low self esteem they have. Second assertion: if these persons are waiting for “sugar daddy” state to solve their problems without moving a finger and complain because a person that arrived recently has some welfare, firstly, how lazy they are and, secondly, it´s better to be informed before throwing that poisonous venom through their mouths. Nobody remembers that Spain was an immigrant country not so long ago.

– The yihad persons are against everything that is against their ideology. They don´t only attack occidental people. Their vast majority of their victims are muslims, that suffer from terrorist attacks on their doorsteps (or even in their own homes, literally speaking). I will never understand why they consider necessary to make everybody thinks like them or die for not doing it… The diversity of opinions is so rich for the humans!

lesbian couple

– Talking about diversity, I´m sorry to be so dim but I don´t get what´s the problem of to persons that are in love with each other… and they are the same sex. Or that there are persons trapped in wrong bodies. Or that the union between two homosexuals are called matrimony. Or that they decide to adopt or have children. My questions to the ones that hate them: Do you think that the homosexuality gets caught like the flu? What´s the harm that are inflicting to the rest? I suggest these people to have a gay/lesbian/trans/drag… in their lives and they will see life full of colours, not only the tedious grey scale. And they will win some fun and laughs.

– On the other hand, political leaders raising the national union flag and making enemies to the rest of the world. Their speechs are based in the hatred to the ones that are different from them (colour/race/culture…) because the old reason: all benefits that are taken from the ones that came before in the country… and sometimes they forget that they are themselves son of recent illegal immigrants. Speech based in having a scapegoat to hide the atrocities commited against the citizenship.


– The hate between men and women. On one hand, those men that kill their partners and/or their children, they don´t give alimony or collaboration to their mothers´child, or the ones that treat women as objects and blame them for that. To top ir all, the debate amongst the polititians (men) about the breastfeeding or abortion. On the other hand those women that make their children to hate their own parents (parental alienation), they don´t obey the visiting arrangements for their ex-couples or they want to kill every man, without making a distintion between good or bad persons.

These confrontations are based in some principles:

– The hatred of everything that is different from what it is known.

– The love for the only thinking.

– The adoration to the comfort zone.

– The irrational fear of what is different because of ignorance.

– The retrograde mentality when it is thought that the previous times are better than the actual ones.

– The powerful people´s interest in keeping us divided, because they know that the united people are a danger for they stability in power.

Let´s join us, let´s be empathic to one another, let´s travel to know other cultures and be less ignorants, let´s value the diversity… Let´s be human.


De confrontaciones va la cosa

Vivimos en un mundo que está convulsionando. Los enfrentamientos se suceden unos detrás de otros y no tenemos tiempo de digerir el anterior susto. Las personas estamos siendo manipuladas para pelearnos los unos con los otros: no interesa que estemos unidas, aún cuando las similitudes son mayores que las diferencias.

¿A qué me refiero? No hay que irse muy lejos:

– Madrid, una mujer increpa a una niña por sentarse en el metro. ¿Su delito? Ser de origen latinoamericano. La rabia de esa mujer estaba alimentada por el miedo a la “invasión” extranjera y el pánico a lo que otras culturas puedan “contaminar” la “pureza” de la española. Estas personas se olvidan de que la actual idiosincrasia de este país radica en la riqueza aportada por la cultura árabe, por ejemplo. Palabras como almohada, azahar, no estarían aceptadas por la RAE si no fuera por los árabes. Me quedo con la reacción de todo el vagón, defendiendo a la niña indefensa y su familia.

– Todas estas personas que ponen vídeos en sus redes sociales intentando que nos dé miedo el que vengan tantas personas en patera o cruzando la frontera , que nos van a quitar los puestos de trabajo o las ayudas del estado. Primera aserción: si estas personas le tienen miedo a una recién llegada de otro país que no conoce el idioma y no tiene preparación, qué poco nivel de autoestima tienen. Segunda aserción: si esperan que “papá” estado les resuelva todo sin mover un dedo y se quejan de que un extranjero recién llegado tenga ayuda, primero, qué pandilla de vagos y segundo, les aconsejo que se informen antes de lanzar esos venenos por la boca. Ya nadie se acuerda de que España fue un país de emigrantes hasta hace bien poco.

– Los yihadistas están en contra de todo lo que no sea su ideología. No solo atacan a personas occidentales. El número mayor de víctimas son musulmanas, que sufren ataques terroristas a las puertas de su casa (o en sus propias casas literalmente hablando). Nunca entenderé el por qué consideran necesario que todos pensemos como ellos o que todos muramos por no hacerlo… ¡Con lo bonita que es la diversidad de opiniones!

lesbian couple

– Hablando de la diversidad, siento ser tan obtusa, pero qué problema hay con que dos personas se enamoren… y sean del mismo sexo. O que haya personas atrapadas en el cuerpo erróneo. O que la unión entre dos homosexuales se llame matrimonio. O que decidan adoptar o tener hijos. Mis preguntas a los que los odian: ¿Creen que la homosexualidad se pega como la gripe? ¿Qué daño hacen a los demás? A esta gente les recomiendo que pongan a un gay/lesbiana/trans/drag… en su vida y la verá de muchos colores, no solo la escala aburrida de grises. Y, de paso, su vida será más divertida y amena.

– Por otro lado, líderes políticos enarbolando la bandera de la unión nacional y haciendo enemigos al resto del mundo. Sus discursos se apoyan en el odio a los que no son del mismo color/raza/cultura por lo de siempre: todos los beneficios que quitan a los que llevan más tiempo en el país… y a veces se olvidan de que ellos mismos son hijos de inmigrantes ilegales recientes. Discurso basado en tener un chivo expiatorio para ocultar las atrocidades que se están cometiendo en contra de la ciudadanía.


– El odio de los hombres hacia las mujeres y de las mujeres hacia los hombres. Por un lado, esos hombres que matan a sus parejas y/o a sus hijos, no dan ningún tipo de ayuda a las madres de sus hijos o esos hombres que tratan a cualquier mujer como un objeto y la usa en su propio beneficio y encima le echa la culpa a ellas. Por no hablar de las discusiones que tienen los políticos (hombres) por la lactancia materna o por el aborto. Por otro, esas mujeres que ponen a sus hijos en contra de sus ex-parejas, no cumplen con el régimen de visitas o desean matar a todos los hombres, poniéndolos en el mismo saco los buenos con los malos.

Estas confrontaciones se basan en varios principios:

– El odio a todo lo que sea diferente a uno.

– El amor al pensamiento único.

– La adoración a la caja de confort.

– El miedo irracional a todo lo que sea distinto por pura ignorancia.

– La mentalidad retrógrada, donde se piensa que los tiempos eran mejores antes que ahora.

– El interés de los poderosos por mantenernos divididos, porque saben que los pueblos unidos son un peligro para su estabilidad en el poder.

Unámonos, seamos empáticos el uno con el otro, viajemos para conocer otras culturas y dejar de ser un poco menos ignorantes, valoremos la diversidad… Seamos humanos.


Roommates and the Grey shadows

These days I had the opportunity to read the firts book of the trilogy “50 shadows of Grey”. I agreed with a friend of mine that it was an entertaining book: it will never be a Nobel prize. I refused to read the other two, because I think the end is quite predictable: after a tug of war, everything will get back to normal… In other words: at the end, the bossy one will be her and he will let her do so… Like in real life!
Yes, you guessed it: the book was recommended by women. After not reading that much for quite a long time, I accepted the challenge and I borrowed the first book (that I have already returned to its rightful owner). Before I read this one, I read a Marian Keyes book, a more entertaining and funny one, with a pinch of social responsibility. Her books will make me write another entrance in the blog.
I´m not going to debate if the trilogy deserves being a bestseller or not. I only want to point out some reasons why this literary genre is so successful now. I think there are two main reasons:
– The women´s sexual revolution. In our mums´time, even when they grew up after 1968, this revolution barely tickled them. Our generation and even the younger ones have broken the rules of old-fashioned conventionalism. At least in Spain we have been the ones that have learned and tried the sex toys: chinese balls, creams, powders, rings, poles, lingerie… I can´t judge American women but they seem to start discovering their own sexuality: there´s still lots of censorship in Amercan society.
– Crisis in Spain has created different type of couples: roommates that are still husband and wife and they can not live in different dwellings. Couples that share food, a place to stay and even kids but not affections. Women that, because of their circumstances can´t live on their own but they are alone, because they sent their partners to the sofa. All of the women, with different backgrounds but have something in common: sexual frustration. These women aren´t looking for a substitute in other men for many reasons: lack of desire to do it, not wanting a relationship based only in sex, not wanting to complicate their lives… In any case, the need is still there.
If we joint these two circumstances, it isn´t difficult to imagine that women prefer to give vent the frustration in a book that snap their imagination before finding a Mr. Grey that would complicate their existence. They prefer having locked in a book where he can´t hurt them but feel relief when they want and have him tied and controlled, as Mr. Grey wants to have “his submissives”.
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Compañeros de piso y las Sombras Grises

En estos días he tenido la oportunidad de leerme el primer libro de la trilogía de las “Sombras de Grey”. Coincidí con una amiga mía en que era un libro entretenido: no aspira a ser un Nobel de literatura. No he querido leer los otros dos, porque creo que el final es previsible: después de tiras y aflojas, todo quedará al revés de lo que empezó… En otras palabras, al final la mandona será ella y él se dejará llevar… ¡Como en la vida real!
Todos adivinarán que han sido mujeres las que me recomendaron leer el libro. Después de una temporada larga de sequía de lecturas, decidí aceptar el reto y tomé prestado el primero (que hoy mismo he devuelto). Antes de empezar, empecé a leerme un libro de Marian Keyes, un género más de entretenimiento y risa, con un poco de responsabilidad social. Pero estos libros me darían para otra entrada.
No voy a entrar en el debate de si la trilogía se merece ser best-seller o no. Lo que sí quiero dar mi opinión del por qué este tipo de género literario tiene tanto éxito ahora. Yo lo baso en dos motivos principales:
– La revolución sexual de las mujeres. En la época de nuestras madres que, aunque crecieron después del 68, esta revolución no les hizo prácticamente cosquillas. Vinimos a ser esta generación e, incluso diría que nuestras “primas” más jóvenes, las que rompimos los moldes de los convencionalismos caducos. Al menos en España hemos sido las que hemos conocido y probado los juguetes que nos ofrecían en los “Taper-sex”: bolas chinas, cremas, polvos, anillos, postes, lencería… No puedo juzgar por las mujeres americanas, pero parece que están empezando a descubrir su sexualidad: hay mucha censura en la sociedad americana.
– La crisis en España ha hecho que muchas mujeres tengan unos especiales compañeros de piso: sus propios ex… o futuros ex. Hombres con los que comparten comida, alojamiento e incluso hijos, pero no afectos. Mujeres que, por las circunstancias de la vida, no pueden irse a vivir solas, pero solas están, ya que han relegado a sus compañeros al sofá. Todas ellas, con diferentes circunstancias, tienen algo en común:  frustración sexual. Estas mujeres no buscan un sustituto en otros hombres por muchos motivos: falta de ganas, no quieren una relación que se base exclusivamente en el sexo, no quieren complicarse la vida… Aún así, la necesidad sigue ahí.
Si unimos estas dos circunstancias, no es difícil imaginar que las mujeres prefieran desahogar esta frustración en un libro que les dispare la imaginación antes que encontrar a un Sr. Grey… que les complique la existencia. Prefieren tenerlo encerrado en un libro donde no pueden hacerles daño, pero que les alivia cuando ellas quieren y tienen atado y controlado, tal como a él le gusta tener a “sus sumisas”.

The art of non-selling

A few years back I was visiting Barcelona with my american boyfriend at the time. Kirk (that is his name) decided to go to a big department store to get some shirts. We were visiting the city as tourist, so our clothing were quite comfortable to walk the streets. AS expected, the guy didn´t know any other language but English, so we spoke in that language. While we were looking for shirts for him, two sellers scanned us from top to bottom and criticised us in Spanish the way we were dressed… In the meantime I was speaking with Kirk in English, discusing what garment was better or not… At the end, he decided to buy two shirts. I got closer to these two sellers and asked in Spanish if there were bigger sizes… Their faces turned sheet white: I understood them! I imagine that they would have liked to be eaten by a dinosaur right away. They were lucky and at the end the shirts were bought, despite their behaviour… I think the lesson was learned: do not criticise anyone in public.
The opposite happened in a very expensive shoe store. The day that I decided to get in I was wearing some jeans, comfortable shoew and a regular T-shirt. I never felt I was scanned by the sellers: they were always very attentive and I finally bought a pair of shoes: the most expensive ones ever. It was a great investment.
The other day I went with a friend to a very exclusive shop. I wanted to check if they had a dress for my daughter for a very special family ocasión: my wedding with my actual partner. I was going to have my dress custom made for me, so I wasn´t worried about my own dress. My friend, her 3-year-old daughter, my daughter and I got in. Venus stayed outside, as always. The two sellers that were on the shop were talking on the phone. In the meantime, we decided to take a look at what they had on the shelves. We were looking for clothes for more than ten minutes and nobody else had entered the place. When we finished waiting for them to be attended (no one hanged up the phone), we saw that there was nothing we really liked and decided to leave, I told my friend: “Let´s go, we can go to the city and check out some more shops…”. We were about to leave the premises and the lady decided to hang up to check what we wanted. When I told her that it was for my wedding, she asked for my dress. When I told her how everything was developing, she threw up her arms and told me that everything was a mistake. She wouldn´t stop arguing her motives to tell me how wrong I was doing. My friend seemed to join the party and asked me to try one of the dresses the seller was offering me: I saw my friend with a lamb that goes to the slaughter house. I didn´t understand a thing: didn´t my friend notice that I just wanted to flee away from there? I try the dress that wasn´t my style whatsoever. The seller didn´t stop telling me how nice it looked on me. She didn´t want to hear nothing about what I liked: her criteria was the only one valid. At the end we stirred the place one hour and a half and we bought nothing. According to my friend, they deserve it… and I couldn´t agree more.
What was wrong?:
– Judging your prospective clients by their looks before they open their mouths. In the worst of cases the client can get angry at you and your store and leave the premises without buying a thing… no matter if they have a Golden Visa.
– Do not pay attention to your prospective client that comes and visits you, even for a minute. If someone visits your store, you have to stop what you are doing, because clients are number one reason of your existence: they feed you.
– Do not listen to your prospective clients in their preferences. Imposing your criteria over theirs is not very clever. Your clients need to express themselves to tell what they expect, so you can deliver.
– Trying to convice your clients that everything that they have done is wrong, that your decisions are the only ones valid. The best thing to do is trying to persuade them with some psychology, so they can understand your point of view… maybe you could get that they change their minds and buy.
– Trying to convince your prospective clients to change their point of view by criticising everything that they thinkg say or do, even when they have clear ideas (even when you think that they are confused). What you get with this attitude is that the prospective clients leave the store quite angry and willing to write on a blog how badly they were treated by you.
– Hurrying prospective clients to make their minds up, even when it´s more than evident that they won´t be a prospective client anymore and become an unsatisfied person because the way they were treated. You don´t have to look desperate to sell: you have to give your prospective client some room. Maybe they don´t buy a thing on their first visit but it´s more than probable that they would require your services eventually.
First of all, what you have to do is listening to your prospective client: by knowing what they want, you have a unique opportunity to make them understand that what you offer is what they really need. If you don´t listen, your company is lost: you can spend money in advertising and attract people but your attitude will scare them away.
(First published on on April 5th 2012)